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Makolet Pharma is a fast growing CRO Provider, headquartered in Chennai, India. We effectively do the site monitoring in BA/BE(Bioavailability/Bioequivalence)studies. We provide multiple research services for Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Generic Drug Industries

Our main goal is to fulfil the requirement of our customer with a delightful service experience. We  deliver complex solutions and best results to our customers starting from the concept of a drug or a device to commercialization with international standards. We have experience in pharmaceutical product development and regulatory processes. We are open for any CRO engagements with at-most trustworthiness.

Makolet Pharma is a platform that offers a full spectrum of pre-clinical evaluations to clinical research Phase 1 to Phase 4 with the best strategy that streamlines your requirements and makes it cost effective. We take pride in executing research with comprehensive efforts and deliver high quality results. Our services are developed to satisfy customer requirements in all marketplaces. We provide tailor made quality resources with excellence

With Makolet Pharma, improve your productivity, quality and operational efficiency in the development of a drug. Join us for an inspiring journey of knowledge and experience, empowering the best services for our happy clients.

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