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Clinical Research Organization

Makolet Pharma is a Clinical Research Organisation that provides multiple research services for Pharmaceutical Industrial Plants, Pharmaceutical Exporters & Manufacturers and Cosmetic Industries. We offer world-class services which are personalised to your research requirements. Our research will also aid in transforming your scientific discoveries into treatments that will cure many diseases. We pride ourselves in providing solutions by conducting premier clinical trials with precision and agility.

Makolet Pharma is a one stop destination for clinical research services starting from site selection to patient recruitment, customised protocol preparations to regulatory submissions. We ensure all our results will be timely delivered as per Quality Management system and also meet international standards and regulatory requirements. Through project management, we ensure the trial runs smoothly starting from trial site monitoring, regulatory submissions, clinical data management to medical writing services.

Clinical Research Organization





Our Bio-Analytical department has been supporting client’s projects in the areas of method development and method validation, clinical sample analysis, reporting and submission since the company’s inception.

We offer Site Selection and Feasibility, Patient Recruitment, Study Start – Up, Clinical Monitoring, Project Management, Medical Writing and Quality Assurance. 

These research programs are specifically designed to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of new medicines, drugs, vaccines and other therapies. These trials are making healthcare effective and improving health. At Makolet, we are enhancing healthcare through a human-centric approach with efficiency, compliance and real-time visibility throughout the trial process.